• Detriti Xl 120x120 Brace 60x30 Focaia

  • Detriti Xl 120x120 Fuliggine

  • Detriti Xl 45x90 Brace

  • Detriti Xl 45x90 Polvere Porcelain Floor

  • Detriti Xl 45x90 Polvere

  • Detriti Xl 5x5 Mosaic Polvere

  • Detriti Xl 60x120 Brace

  • Detriti Xl 60x120 Focaia

  • Detriti Xl 60x120 Fuliggine

  • Detriti Xl 60x60 Fuliggine

  • Detriti Xl Hexagon Focaia

Detriti XL 60x120 20mm

£ 84.95 per m2

Available from £ 63.71 per m2

Our Quantity Discounts

Quantity Discount Price (per m2)
10 m2+ 10 % £ 76.46
20 m2+ 15 % £ 72.21
40 m2+ 20 % £ 67.96
75 m2+ 25 % £ 63.71

Order a Large format Sample for £2*

We send 15x30cm samples as standard.

*Refunded on order of tiles

  • TOTAL (inc VAT) £ 84.95

Imported Direct from Italy

Available in 2-3 weeks

Samples Available

  • Stone look Italian porcelain stoneware

    The Detriti ranges appearance recalls a striong natural material, elegantly captured in stronger porcelain stoneware.

    The porcelain contains a texture which is never the same, vibrant and deep, in which one can appreciate the notes of colour which are captured in the surface of the product. Available in many size options, natural and grip finishes, as well as hex and square mosaic decors.

  • We stock these tiles in and these can be delivered to you within a matter of days (stock level dependent).

    Polvere, Focaia, Brace, Fuliggine are imported especially from Italy upon your order, this will take between 2 and 3 weeks to get to you.

    We will contact you to confirm the most suitable delivery date for you.

  • Suitable for: Kitchen, Bathroom, Living, Outdoor
    Material: Porcelain
    Colours: Polvere, Focaia, Brace, Fuliggine
    Finish: Grip
    Available in sizes:
    PEI Grade: 5
    R Rating: R11
    Tile Thickness: 20mm
    Pieces per sq/m: 1.38